Our Munkh Gandir LLC incorporated in 2004 and deals with the activities in the field of public health and antisepsis, pests and rodent combating service at professional high level throughout the capital city. Many organizations have cooperated and applied to get service in the field of public health such as: general educational schools of Bayangol, Chingeltei district-8, universities and institutes-3, private and state owned kindergarten-15, trade and service organizations-45, khoroos-6, accommodation ownership associations-3, plants-5, restaurants, cafeterias, cafes-23, business entities and companies-28, hospitals and apteks-7.

Also, we provide offices and families high quality service according to order within the capital city. Our colleagues executed "Final sterilization for centralized waste point in Dari Ekh" jointly with Department for Waste Management of the Working service of Mayor of the capital city in 2006.

Our company cooperates with foreign company with the aim of improving hygiene and sanitary condition of toilet at the yurt district of the capital city.

It is the bio solution NVIRON company which is high specialized in resolving waste management problem that is one of the best companies in Canada.

Our company intends to get used natural and environmentally friendly Septonic throughout the Mongolia and total public. This natural product is able to dissolve dejecture and lower it. Also make the toilet without smell.

Our Munkh Gandir LLC works as an official distributor of Nviron company in Mongolia.


"Every work made by honesty gives confidence and makes success”. We work like this way.